Leanne Morris // brand design + web design

Leanne is a Jungian analyst in Victoria, B.C. I was thrilled to help her with her branding as well as designing her website.

Leanne wanted the vibe of her branding to be deep, introspective, serious, mystical yet approachable and grounded. Working with a Jungian analyst, as a graphic designer, was a dream. They take their symbolism seriously. Leanne had a few motifs she was interested in exploring – including keys and ouroboros. I was happy to be able to incorporate both symbols into one strong logo.

Once we were finished with her branding, we moved on to her custom WordPress site. 

Client feedback:

Monica was a delight to work with. Her design skills are stellar and she is an expert communicator. I would not hesitate to contact Monica again for another design job, and highly recommend her to others. I love my new branding, logo and website!

The brand moodboard.